Hello, everyone!

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Hello, everyone!

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Originally this was a topic to test some functions of the new forum but I think it's time to say "Hi" to everyone here and to explain the reason for the existence of this forum.
About 14,000 people on Facebook know that the largest atheistic group was deleted by Mark Suckerberg and his dictatorship. That was group was named "Atheist Society" and the reason for it to be deleted is because it was marked as "Dangerous entity/person". Apparently 14,000 members of a group are a danger to religion since it could open the sheep's eyes and show them the truth. If the sheep see the truth about the delusion their brains have been filled with, they would stop giving money to the greedy priests.
But I and a certain group of people, along with my sponsor, intend to fight the religious dictatorship however we can. One of these ways is the creation of this forum where freedom of speech comes first and everyone has right to have their opinion. Here are no trackers and no bots to monitor every key stroke you do and you won't be punished in any way for sharing a meme like the one below which can launch you straight to the Facebook jail for 30 days or more.


On this forum the main language is English but Bulgarian is also allowed which is why all categories and sections have names in both English and Bulgarian. Those who don't speak English are allowed to post in Bulgarian. There are also 3 different interface languages for the forum - English, Bulgarian and Russian.
/home is where root is!
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